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At Rural Water District 5, Rogers County, we are committed to providing safe, high quality water services to our community, while maintaining a standard of excellence in customer service and environmental conservation.




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Rogers County RWD #5 is pleased to offer you a new way to pay your water bill—online, by smart phone or by calling. Now you can save a stamp, stop writing checks and be kind to the environment. It is simple, fast and secure.....Learn More


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There are a number of easy ways to save water, and they all start with you. When you save water, you save money on your utility bills. Here are just a few ways...Learn More



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Protect your water from freezing

December 19, 2022

Steps you can take to help keep your water flowing during the freezing weather

1.  Disconnect garden hoses from outdoor faucets.  Even frost proof outdoor faucets will burst if a hose is connected.

2.  Insulate any exposed piping.

3.  Open cabinet doors that house plumbing, i.e., kitchen sink, so warm air can reach the pipes under the sinks. 

4.  Drip, Drip, Drip.  Allow a tiny trickle from inside faucets to prevent pressure from building up inside pipes and to create a constant flow of water through the pipes which will make freezing much less likely. 

5.  Set up fans to blow heat into cold rooms.

6.  Keep garage/outside doors closed.

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Welcome to Winter - Are Your Pipes Ready?

Welcome to Winter - Are Your Pipes Ready?

January 03, 2023

Can you flush your toilet if your pipes are frozen? ...Talk about questions you “wish” you had asked!

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is that wonderful time of year when the worst of winter is looming upon us. And the Farmer’s Almanac has been warning us that the winter of 2023 will be both long and cold. So, we ask you… are your pipes ready? 

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