About Us

In 1965 a group of visionary people came together to form Rogers County Rural Water District No. 5.  People in southwest Rogers County began receiving safe, dependable drinking water from a small water treatment facility along the Verdigris River.  With just a few miles of water line and the hard work of a few dedicated individuals, "RWD #5" began to grow.  Daily water production was only a few thousand gallons per day.  This was distributed through water mains that were no larger than 6" diameter.  After more than 50 years, many changes have taken place.  The latest, RWD #5 has a treatment facility that produces more than 3,000,000 gallons per day of safe, compliant drinking water.  This supply is used to fill 6 water towers and more than 220 miles of water lines.  Some of the newest water mains are up to 16" in diameter.

RWD #5 does not run itself though.  The leadership of the District is its Board of Directors.  These individuals set the policy and develop the strategies that have brought the District to its current level of excellence.  The dedicated employees of the District are the day to day face of RWD #5.  The senior employee of the District has more than 30 years experience in the production of drinking water at RWD #5.  Through the efforts of the Board of Directors and the employees of the District, Rogers County Rural Water District No. 5, the number of service connections has grown to more than 5200 taps.  While the regulations of the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality and the United States Evironmental Protection Agency have continued to become more and more stringent,  RWD #5 has worked to stay in compliance with its water production.  The evidence of these efforts are clear in the latest Water Quality Report.  RWD #5 has had NO violations.  We are pleased to be your provider of quality drinking water!